Handprint Turkeys Are A Timeless Thanksgiving Craft Your Grandkids Will Love

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I am a sucker for anything with my grandbabies’ handprints on them. Can you blame me? Our favorite little people grow up so darn quickly, and they change so fast, so it is nice to have a tangible reminder of how tiny they used to be.

A great way to commemorate this stage and celebrate the Thanksgiving season, I recommend making turkey handprints with your grandkids! (Can you think of a more iconic Thanksgiving craft? Me neither!) 


  1. Construction paper or cardstock (preferably in fall colors like brown, orange, red, and yellow)
  2. Non-toxic paint in brown, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Craft glue or glue stick
  6. Markers or colored pencils
  7. Scissors

1. Preparation

Lay down newspapers or disposable tablecloths to protect your workspace, and then set out all your supplies within easy reach.

2. Paint the hand

With the paintbrush, coat your grandchild’s palm and fingers evenly with brown paint. (To avoid smudging, ensure the paint isn’t too drippy.)

3. Making the print

Press your grandchild’s painted hand firmly onto the construction paper or cardstock. Next, make sure all parts of the hand make contact with the paper, then lift straight up to avoid smearing.

4. Let it dry

Wait for the paint to dry. (This may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the thickness of the paint application.)

5. Add features

Once dry, it’s time to bring the turkey to life!

  • Glue googly eyes onto the thumbprint, which serves as the turkey’s head.
  • Use markers or colored pencils to draw a beak and wattle right below the eyes.
  • The fingers serve as the turkey’s feathers, so if you’d like, paint the tips of the fingers or add patterns with colored pencils to give the feathers more detail.

6. Optional details

Add legs to your turkey using orange or yellow markers. You can also create a small scene around your turkey—maybe it’s standing on grass or surrounded by fallen leaves. Get creative and let your imagination (and your grandchild’s imagination) run wild!

7. Display

Once your handprint turkey is complete and dry, display it proudly on the refrigerator, in a frame, or incorporate it into your Thanksgiving décor.


As the years pass and those little hands grow bigger, these handprint crafts will serve as a precious reminder of the fleeting moments of childhood and the special bond shared between grandma and grandchild. So roll up those sleeves, dive into the paint, and cherish the giggles and joy of crafting together this Thanksgiving!

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