Here Are 7 Fun And Thrifty DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Grandson’s Room

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Yesterday, I recommended seven fun and thrifty DIY projects that will transform your granddaughter’s bedroom, so you know what today is – projects for your grandson’s room! (Who says that girls get to have all the fun?) Are you ready to bond over a fun project?

If you answered yes, you two will want to check out these seven fun and thrifty DIY projects that will make his room into a unique haven:

1. Galactic glow-in-the-dark wall mural

Take a nightly journey through the cosmos without leaving the bedroom! This out-of-this-world project illuminates the room with stars, planets, and even shooting stars.


  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Brushes or sponge
  • Stencil (optional)


  1. Clean the chosen wall.
  2. Use stencils or freehand to paint stars, planets, and comets.
  3. Let it dry. Come nighttime, the wall transforms into a captivating night sky!

2. Pallet bookshelves

Give old pallets a new purpose! These rustic shelves offer a unique touch while providing functional storage space for your grandson’s favorite reads.


  • Wooden pallets
  • Screws and anchors
  • Paint or wood stain


  1. Cut the pallet into your preferred shelf size.
  2. Paint or stain for a finished look.
  3. Secure to the wall using screws and anchors.

3. DIY race track mat

Vroom, vroom! This customizable racetrack fuels imagination, offering endless race scenarios and hours of entertainment.


  • Large piece of fabric or canvas
  • Fabric paint
  • Toy cars


  1. Spread the fabric out.
  2. Design racetracks, pit stops, and landscapes using fabric paint.
  3. Dry thoroughly before playtime begins!

4. Nautical rope shelf

Merge function with nautical charm! (Didn’t know that such a thing exists? Now you do!) This floating shelf adds a sea-inspired touch, perfect for displaying treasures and collectibles.


  • Wooden plank
  • Thick nautical rope
  • Wall hooks


  1. Secure ropes at both ends of the wooden plank.
  2. Attach wall hooks above where the shelf will hang.
  3. Loop ropes over hooks, and it’s ready!

5. Superhero canvas portraits

Celebrate iconic heroes or even invent a new one, as these canvases infuse the room with inspiration and action-packed adventures.


  • Blank canvases
  • Acrylic paints


  1. Decide on a superhero design.
  2. Paint the canvas.
  3. Dry and hang as a series of hero portraits.

6. LEGO wall

A wall where LEGO creations come to life – what could be better? This interactive masterpiece invites endless building possibilities.


  • LEGO baseplates
  • Adhesive (double-sided tape or mounting putty)


  1. Decide the wall area for LEGO fun.
  2. Secure baseplates using adhesive.
  3. Start building right on the wall!

7. Adventure map wall art

Let your grandson explore the world – right from the comfort of his own room! Using a large map and some craft supplies, he can mark places he’s been and places he wants to go or learn about different regions and cultures.


  • Large world map poster or fabric print
  • Colored pins or stickers
  • Corkboard (optional)
  • Picture frame or wooden slats for mounting


  1. Mount the map. This can be done by framing it, attaching it to a corkboard, or even using wooden slats at the top and bottom to hang it scroll-style.
  2. Position the map on the wall and secure it.
  3. Use colored pins or stickers to mark places of interest. For added creativity, he can use different colors for places he’s visited, wants to visit, or places where he has friends or family.
  4. As time goes by, he can update the map with new pins or notes, making it an evolving piece of art that reflects his dreams and adventures.


What do you think? Even if you don’t use any of these projects, I hope this gets your and your grandson’s creative juices flowing. Whatever you decide, remember that it not only adds a vibrant touch to the room but also gives you some priceless time together. Have fun!

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