Autumn Leaf Garland Are The Perfect Grandchild-Made Thanksgiving Decoration

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Don’t you love it when your grandkids make you something you can proudly display in your home? I don’t know about you, but I have lots of homemade artwork incorporated into my aesthetic, and I am always looking for more creative ways to do so! This got me thinking: How can my grandbabies help me decorate for Thanksgiving? 

I will have many more ideas in the coming weeks, but let us begin with autumn leaf garland: a fun, festive, and easy-to-make decor idea! Here is what you need to make it: 
  • Freshly fallen leaves (or artificial leaves available at craft stores)
  • A long piece of twine or string
  • Craft glue or a hot glue gun (please supervise if using with young children!)
  • Clothespins or paper clips (optional, for drying purposes)
  • Hole puncher
  • Clear acrylic sealer spray (optional)
  • Gold or silver glitter spray (optional)

1. Leaf collection

Take a walk outside with your grandkids and collect a variety of leaves. (Keep an eye out for leaves that are relatively flat and free from significant blemishes.) The variety of colors and shapes will make your garland more attractive.

2. Preserve and decorate (optional)

If you’re using real leaves and wish to preserve their colors, lay them flat on a protected surface, spray them with a clear acrylic sealer, and then allow them to dry according to the product’s instructions. For an added touch of festivity, lightly spray the leaves with gold or silver glitter spray. Allow them to dry.

3. Prepare the leaves

Once your leaves (real or artificial) are ready, use the hole puncher to create one or two holes at the top of each leaf, depending on the leaf’s size and your preference.

4. Stringing the leaves

Cut the twine or string to your desired length (considering where you’ll hang the garland). Start stringing the leaves through their holes, ensuring they’re spaced out evenly. Please note: If you’ve made two holes in a leaf, it will hang flat – If you’ve made one hole, it will hang at a slight angle.

5. Secure the leaves

If you wish for the leaves to remain in a specific spot on the garland, use a small dab of glue on the back of each leaf where it touches the twine to prevent it from sliding around. Let the glue dry completely.

6. Hanging the garland

Once your garland is complete, find a suitable place to display it, whether it be a fireplace mantel, draped along a staircase railing, or even hung in a window frame. (Ensure both ends are securely tied or hooked in place.)


Can you imagine a more fun and personal piece of decor? Neither can I! Have lots of fun with this – I can tell you from experience that it is A LOT of fun to put together!

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